Sitemap - 2021 - Vital Interests

Xi and Putin’s Summit for Autocracy

The U.S. Must Better Explain Al-Qaeda to the Public

The Intelligence Community Must Work to Gain the Public’s Trust

Biden-Xi Summit Only Highlights Fundamental Differences Between U.S. and China

Warfare Is More Than Just Bullets

The Taliban’s Man in Washington

Biden Creates His Own ‘Strategic Ambiguity’ on Taiwan

Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen Stands Up to Xi Jinping

China and Russia Blame America for a ‘New Cold War’

The Taliban Is Using the Doha Accord to Protect Al-Qaeda

Reading Between the Lines of Biden’s and Xi’s U.N. Speeches

A New Partnership to Counter China in the Pacific

How Taliban Revisionism Helped Doom Our Mission in Afghanistan

What We Know—and Don’t Know—About ISIS-K

No, Mr President. Al-Qaeda Is Not ‘Gone’ From Afghanistan.

Afghanistan Is a Failure of Military Intelligence—and Common Sense

The Taliban Has a Military Solution for Afghanistan

Turkey Continues to Harbor and Sponsor Extremists

Xi’s Broken Promises on Cybersecurity

How Iranian Intelligence Hunts Down Dissidents While Protecting Al-Qaeda

Xi Jinping Doesn’t Want to Admit He’s an Autocrat

The Situation in Afghanistan Is Much Worse Than You Realize

What Happened at the Biden-Putin Summit? Not Much.

What to Expect From the Biden-Putin Summit

Al-Qaeda Is Still in Afghanistan, and It's Fighting for Victory

Only the Chinese Communist Party Knows the Origins of the COVID Pandemic

The Taliban and Al-Qaeda Are Closing In on Afghanistan’s Provincial Capitals

What We’re Learning About China’s Use of Social Media for Propaganda

How China Responded to President Biden’s Address to Congress

Bin Laden Is Long Gone, but He Sparked a Jihadist Revolution

Why the Russia-China Alignment Is So Worrisome

The Russia Bounty Story Was Always Murky

The Flawed Reasoning Behind Biden’s Afghanistan Withdrawal

The Biden Administration Shouldn’t Make Any More Concessions to the Taliban

A Diplomat’s Trip to Taiwan Draws the Ire of the CCP

Why We Should Be Worried About Russia and China Working So Closely

What’s Behind China’s Dangerous Incursion into the East China Sea

The Biden Administration’s Afghan ‘Peace Plan’ Is an Act of Desperation

The Problem With the Declassified Report on Khashoggi’s Death

Lloyd Austin’s Reality Check

Biden Faces a Decision on Our Presence in Iraq

Xi Jinping’s Rise Is No Historical Accident

Biden Must Reckon With the Failed Doha Deal

As Xi Professes a Commitment to ‘Multilateralism,’ the U.S. Counters With a Dose of Reality

What to Make of Pompeo’s Parting Moves Regarding China

Why Is China Blocking a WHO Delegation From Visiting Wuhan?