Sitemap - 2020 - Vital Interests

Al-Qaeda’s Endless Jihad in East Africa

The Chinese Communist Party’s Human Hack of Western Companies

Joe Biden's Curious Defense of Gen. Lloyd Austin

Trump’s Wish to End the ‘Endless Wars’ Denies Reality

Biden Need Only Look to Australia to See What to Expect From China

No, It’s Not Surprising That Abu Muhammad al-Masri Was Living in Iran

America’s Biggest Adversaries Have Been Mostly Silent on Biden’s Election

The Emerging Sino-Russian Alliance

One Term of 'Maximum Pressure' on North Korea

The Real Danger in Trump Touting a Baseless Bin Laden Conspiracy Theory

The Failures of Operation Enduring Freedom

Two More Reasons to Worry About China

Xi vs. Trump at the United Nations

No, There is No ‘End in Sight’ to the Battle Against Al-Qaeda

Trump’s ‘They Want to Do Nothing But Fight Wars’ Smear Was Nasty—And Inaccurate

China's Military Has Global Ambitions

Trump Tries to Have It Both Ways on ‘Endless Wars’

Endless Jihad

How Effective is Russia’s Disinformation?

An ISIS Jailbreak in Afghanistan

Was Nixon Wrong About China?

The U.K. Has Its Own Russia Problem

The World’s Most Dangerous Alliance

How China Tries to Intimidate Its Dissidents Living Overseas

We Still Have More Questions Than Answers on Russian Bounties

Donald Trump’s Silence on Al-Qaeda Is Deafening

China’s Skirmish With India Is Only Its Latest Aggression During the Pandemic

Trump’s Executive Order on Chinese Students Addresses a Complicated—But Real—Issue

What the New York Times Never Told Readers About Sirajuddin Haqqani

The Trump Administration Seeks a Balance With New China Strategy

Understanding China’s Latest Move Against Hong Kong

The Naval Air Station Pensacola Shooter Shows That Al-Qaeda Is Still a Significant Threat

The Taliban Is Still the Main Driver of Violence in Afghanistan

Explaining the Intense Diplomatic Battle Between the U.S. and China

How China’s Repressive Policies Could Fuel the Jihad

Germany Disrupts ISIS Plot Targeting U.S. Military

State Department Report Highlights World’s Deadliest Weapons

The Coronavirus Pandemic Exposes Fault Lines in the ‘Great Power Competition’

Why China Sunk a Vietnamese Fishing Boat During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Henry Kissinger’s Illusory World Order

How Jihadists Are Reacting to the Coronavirus Pandemic

ISIS—One Year After the Caliphate

Iran Is Getting Away With Blaming the U.S. for Its Own Coronavirus Mismanagement

Talk About Your Dangerous Liaisons

China’s Dangerous Coronavirus Disinformation Campaign

Bernie Sanders Gets China’s Economy Exactly Wrong

What Has Iran Hidden? And What Might It Still Be Hiding?

No Deal Is Better Than a Bad Deal

Why the Worldwide Threat Assessment Hearings Matter

What You Won’t Learn From the NYT Op-Ed by the Taliban’s Deputy Leader

Are We Headed Toward an Ignoble End in Afghanistan?

How China’s Quest for Dominance Is an All-Encompassing Threat

Why We Still Need to Worry About Al-Qaeda

Why We Need to Worry About China and 5G

The Good, the Bad, and the Never-Going-to-Happen of the China Trade Deal

How to Understand Our 'Great Power Competition' With China

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