Australia is on the frontlines in the great power rivalry between the CCP and the U.S.
America’s policy has been divorced from reality for some years now.
The group has claimed responsibility for the bombing outside the Kabul airport.
The Taliban has freed many al-Qaeda fighters in jailbreaks. And then there’s the Haqqani Network.
Wars are not fought on paper.
As the State Department pays lip service to a ‘political settlement’ between the insurgents and Kabul, the Taliban is closing in on provincial capitals.
New sanctions on Turkey remind us of the country's unsavory connections to the terrorist underworld.
He vowed in 2015 that his government would not support cybercrime. He never intended to honor that commitment.
Court documents show that the regime has long been trying to kidnap an Iranian journalist living in Brooklyn.
His rhetoric is a mishmash of different concepts, some directly at odds with one another.
The U.S. military is downplaying the Taliban’s gains, and the U.S. and U.N. are pretending there is a viable peace process.
The two discussed Afghanistan, cyberattacks, and more.